The Former Baroda State Government created on the 17th December, 1948 a Women's Education Trust Fund to establish a Home Science College in Baroda. The Trustees handed over this Educational Fund to the newly established Maharaja Sayajirao University for constructing a building for the Faculty of Home Science.

The University started a Nursery School (Chetan Balwadi) in June, 1949 and on 3rd July, 1950 established the Faculty of Home Science.

Home Science is a unique field of knowledge with its major thrust on strengthening family life. Its inter-disciplinary approach in synthesizing knowledge drawn from Physical, Biological, Social Sciences and Arts and humanities has enriched its educational Programmes which prepare an individual in improving the standard of living. It is the body of knowledge which focuses on family life as its core and nucleus.

The Faculty has made rapid progress by introducing new courses, modifying the syllabus content and by instituting Programmes of study leading to Master's Degree and Doctoral Degrees.