Distinguished Features about the Faculty

In 1884,Shrimant Sayajirao Gaekwad III founded a "Sangeet Shala" in Baroda. This became the college of Indian Music, Dance and Dramatics, part of the Faculty of Fine Arts, at the inception of the M.S. University in Baroda in 1949. Since 1986, it has been known as the Faculty of Performing Arts, one of the star institutions in India for in-depth study of the classical performing arts.

The erstwhile Baroda State had done pioneering work in many directions. The educational plan of the state included the study of fine arts and music as far back as 110 years ago. Sayajirao Gaekwad III was all for art education and to him goes the credit for creating the first school of music in India. For the first in this country, the University of Baroda put the seal of recognition on the teaching of fine arts at the University level.

It is a unique faculty of its kind in the entire western region, which imparts training at the university level in performing arts viz. Music, Dance and Drama offering courses up to Ph. D. in these disciplines. Over & above the Indian Students from different regions, it also attracts students from various foreign countries viz; U.K., U.S.A., Bangladesh, Nepal, Mauritius and Japan.

The goal is to train students to develop their creative and intuitive abilities whereby attaining a systemic understanding of the art and science of performing arts and its aesthetic applications.
The academic platform provides local, national & international interaction and development of individual ideas through an open and free exchange within the programme of study. Over last fifty years, a single number of top performers in the field are involved in building up reputation of the faculty as one of the principal centers of contribution to performing arts through education and research in music, dance & drama.

Many younger generations of artists from 80s & 90s are actively involved in the evolving face of contemporary performing arts. A number of alumni are working with developing and reputed institutions all over the country. Since 1961, a substantial number of alumni and students have pursued career in professional fields of music, dance, theatre, film & T.V.

Over and above the academic excellence the faculty has gained a very special reputation for its socio-cultural awareness and the commitment of its staff and student towards the social cause. This small faculty has contributed significantly to such purpose. The city of Baroda considers this faculty as the cultural hub of the city.

The faculty enjoys a status of unique Centre of Performing Arts in the entire western region. Its various activities like performing arts festival have provided to be eventful and fruitful.

Thrust area of Research and contact details of the Institution / Research

Performing Arts cannot survive in isolation - it has to change with the times as the applications and implications of art keep changing. It is the endeavour of the faculty to form a bridge between the conventional and the most modern. Keeping close to this basic view, the faculty encourages research in various fields of interest and knowledge both at the students and the teachers' level.

Potential students are identified, encouraged and promoted to take up research projects and are supervised by a guiding teacher who has been recougnised by the Council for Postgraduate Studies and research after considering his academic merit and performances.

Teachers are also encouraged continuously to participate in seminars, workshops and write research papers which is accommodated in terms of study leave and teaching schedule. The faculty facilitates visiting faculty lectures, workshops, seminars, demonstration and such interactive programme.

Many students and teachers are recipient of State and National Scholarships based on their academic merits, performances and research topics. Seminars, Workshops and projects aided by reputed agencies like State and Central Sangreet Natak Academies, National School of Drama, West Zone Cultural Centre, The M. S. university etc. have been conducted in the last couple of years.

Brief overview about the Consultancy / Extension / Community Services provided by the Faculty

The Faculty organizes various lecture series inviting professionals and experts in Dance, Music, Drama viz. Extra Mural Lecture Series,Nayana Desai lecture series, Late. Vivek Shinde Memorial Lecture Series etc. The Faculty and its members are also actively involved in providing community services during the time of natural calamities like floods, earthquakes etc as also takes up Lecture demonstration, Workshops, and Judgment assignments in Schools,

Colleges, Universities, Social and Cultural Organizations, NGO's, Government Agencies etc. The Faculty encourages and promotes youth festivals all over the State, landing a helping hand in exploring raw talent and latent potential in the young students. The extension and consultancy projects taken up by the faculty are predominating four fold, that is to say, in the fields of Dance, Drama, Vocal and Instrumental Music.

The Faculty encourages in-house programmes and performances through 'Sabha Gayan', 'Sabha Nritya' and 'Satur Theatre' with the aim of cultivating performance skill in the students by exposing them to an invited audience. It is our endeavour to set up a repertory company, so very essential for a Performing Arts Faculty like us.

Name, designation and Contact Details of the Person(s) to whom enquiry about the Faculty can be addressed ((Phone, Fax, e-mail, web address)

The Dean,
Faculty of Performing Arts
Opp. Sursagar, Nyaymandir,
Vadodara - 390 001
Phone - Fax. 0265-2410194