India is engaged today in making concerted, all-round efforts to emerge as a major global power with significant economic, strategic, political and cultural presence across the world. The human, natural, physical and financial resources of the nation have to be effectively marshalled and channelized into the desired directions in order to achieve this goal. In this process, leadership at all levels – from grassroots to the top – shall play the stellar role, supported by appropriate structures, practices and processes of effective, transparent, participatory and accountable governance.

Both leadership and governance relate to a wide arena of public life in the country. Political leadership from local to national levels, corporate leadership, leadership in the social and educational sector, leadership in non-profit organizations etc. critically shape the future of our peoples and nation. This leadership at different levels will have to be supported by appropriate, fair, just and efficient governance system.

Hence, an institute focussed on training and trans-disciplinary research in different aspects of leadership as well as on studies on good governance structures, practices and processes is highly essential today. Such an Institute is by its very nature interdisciplinary in nature, principally involving fields of Political Science, Public Administration, Sociology, Business Management, Psychology, Organizational Studies, Social Work etc. As The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda has a sound base of knowledge and expert faculty members in these areas, it is proposed that an Institute of Leadership and Governance be established under the University.

This Institute will academically support the country’s efforts to move ahead in the comity of nations as a powerful, peaceful, distinctive and prosperous country. The Institute shall be a non-partisan and non-sectarian organization open to the different ideas, positions and methods on leadership development and governance in alignment with the vision and mission of the University.