Dr. Rajlaxmi Instrument Room ...

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Dr. Rajlaxmi Instrument Room ...
General Infrastructure/Facilities offered in Department:
Department runs a fully operational animal house facility that caters to research work involving mice, rat and rabbit. Also, under DBT-ILSPARE program, developed centralized facility with technical expertise and equipment in Faculty of science.  Apart from that, the department house following equipment:

Sr. No. Major Equipment
1 -860CFreezer
2 Table top high speed centrifuge
3 High speed centrifuges
4 Biostat A plus 2 Ltr.microbial Chemostat
5 ECD Detector
6 Alphaimager HP system
7 F7000 Fluorescence Spectrophotometer
9 PTC 200 DNA Engine Thermal cycler.
10 CO2 Incubator
11 Sonifier Cell Disruptor
12 Lyophilizer
13 Spectrophotofluorimeter
14 HPLC Accessories: ECD detector for Hitachi HPLC and HPLC columns
15 Semi-autoanalyser (2 Nos)
16 ELISA Washer
17 Gradient Thermocycler
18 Phase Contrast Microscope