Dr. Sarita Gupta

FACULTY OF SCIENCE >> Department of Bio-Chemistry
Designation : Professor
Qualification : M.Sc., Ph. D. in Biochemistry (Nagpur University)
Phone Nos : 912652795594
Email :
Experience : Date of Joining : 01/01/1987 Position : Professor
Areas of Interest : Research interest: Molecular Endocrinology and Stem Cell Research with specific reference to Diabetes and Reproductive Disorders.
Dr. Sarita  Gupta

Detailed CV

Name:  Dr. Sarita Gupta
Designation: Professor
Molecular Endocrinology and Stem Cell Research Lab,
Department of Biochemistry,
Faculty of Science,
The M. S. University of Baroda, Vadodara.
Office no: +91-265-2794544.
(M): +91-9426319494
Email: saritagupta9@yahoo.com; sglmescrl@gmail.com
Academic background:
MSc (1980) in Biochemistry from Nagpur University.
PhD (1984) in Biochemistry from Nagpur University.
Professional experience:
After completion of PhD, she joined as Assistant Professor (1984-1985) at LAD college, Nagpur University. Since then she is pursuing teaching and research at Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Science, The M.S.University of Baroda. She was visiting scientist under - Mutual exchange programme between MSU and SUNY Buffalo USA and underwent training in Cell Biology and Molecular Biology techniques especially for ongoing research at Biochemistry Department, School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at State University of New York, Buffalo NY. September to December, 1999. She was awarded with travel grant for attending 8th annual meeting of International Society for Stem Cell Research to attend annual meeting at San Francisco June 2010. She was nominated for Rayan International Award in the field of Reproductive biomedicine and stem cell research in 2007and for Prof G. N. Ramachandran Gold Medal award for Excellence in Biological Sciences. She was bestowed with Certificate of Appreciation- for outstandingly procuring DBT-ILSPARE Project, 2011. She was awarded Indo-Canadian Shastri foundation travel award – for visiting Institute of cardiovascular sciences, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg and for visiting Laval University Quebec for collaborative research Oct 2011. Till 2014, her team has contributed number of publications with high citations of which 50 are in reputed journals and 1 in proceedings. 15 publications are cited 154 times out of which EL work articles were cited 113 times and reproductive dysfunctions work was cited 41 times. To her credit, she has conducted several scientific workshops and conferences. She has been invited for delivering scientific talks in many national and international meetings.

Research interests:
Key words: Diabetes, Stem cell research, Clinical Biochemistry, Molecular Endocrinology.
Molecular mechanism involved in stem cell differentiation into neo-islets formation and adipogenesis using novel phyto-pharmaceuticals isolated fromEnicostemmalittorale:
Our research is focused on exploring the natural and medicinal properties of an Indian plant,Enicostemmalittorale, which has been shown to have antioxidant, antidiabetic, hypoglycaemic, hypolipidemic and islet neogenic activity by our work. It is also discovered to possess anti-malarial activity. We have identified several novel biomolecules from EnicostemmaLittorale and investigated it’sin vitro islet neogenic property and anti-adipogenic potential, which can be exploited as an attractive option for the treatment of diabetes (Gupta et al., IJIB, 2010 and Gupta and Bhonde, Indian patent, 2009). SGL-1, a biomolecule isolated from E.littorale was characterized to have islet neogenic potential from stem/progenitors (Dadheechet. al., 2013) and Swertiamarin, an active lead from Enicostemmalittorale regulates insulin sensitive peripheral tissue gene expression by targeting PPAR-γ & improves insulin sensitivity in TIIDM (Patel et al.,2013). Also, our team in collaboration with (Laval University, Canada) is working to understand molecular mechanism and role of Poly (ADP-ribose) Polymerase enzyme in islet- neogenesis and adipogenesis from stem precursors.
Molecular mechanism of Insulin resistance:
Emphasis of the work was to elucidate the effect across the HPG axis with respect to steroid biosynthesis and steroid metabolism and granulose cell as model (15 papers). Present focus is to identify the cellular and molecular mechanisms that are responsible for relaying the actions of gonadotropins, growth factors, and cytokines in granulose cells with specific reference to insulin resistance.
We have recently started exploring paradigm in type III diabetes i.e. insulin resistance in brain. Here we are trying to understand the relation between brain insulin resistance and its effect on cognitive functions and neurogenesis.
Molecular mechanism of etiopathogenesis of BPH:
Another focus is, to elucidate molecular mechanism of pathogenesis of Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), and to understand the role of stem cell in the in the disease condition since endocrine imbalance plays key role in prostate cancer and BPH. We are also doing SNP analysis of patients especially for AR and ER genes.
Supervised doctoral theses and master's degrees:
Doctoral thesis completed- 09
Doctoral thesis under supervision- 05
M.Sc. dissertations guided–~100
List of recent publications:
  Sr. Authors Title of Publication Journal with I.F. Month/Year Vol./Issue/Page No.  
  1. Dadheech N, Srivastava A, Pranjape N, Gupta S, Dave A, Shah G, Bhonde RR and Gupta S Swertisin an Anti-diabetic compound facilitate Islet Neogenesis from Pancreatic Stem/Progenitor Cells vis p-38MAPKinase-SMAD pathway: An in-vitro and in-vivo study Plos One
I.F. 3.5
June 2015 Volume 10
Issue 6
  2. Kushan Parikh, Bhavesh Mistry, Sarmita Jana, Tejal Gajaria, Sarita Gupta, Ranjitsinh V. Devkar, Sanjeev Kumar Isosorbide spacer containing gemini surfactants: surface and biochemical study Colloid and Polymer Science
I.F. 2.41
Volume 293
  3. K Parikh, B Mistry, S Jana, Sarita Gupta, RV Devkar, S Kumar.  Physico-biochemical studies on cationic gemini surfactants: Role of spacer Journal of Molecular Liquids
I.F. 2.08
2015 Volume 206
  4. Muskaan Belani, Nupur Purohit, Prakash Pillai, Sharad Gupta, and Sarita Gupta

Modulation of Steroidogenic Pathway in Rat Granulosa Cells with Subclinical Cd Exposure and Insulin Resistance: An Impact on Female Fertility

BioMed Research International
I.F. 2.7
August 2014 Volume 2014 (2014), Article ID 460251, 13 pages
  5. Akhilesh Prajapati, Akshay Rao, Jhanvi Patel, Sharad Gupta and Sarita Gupta
A single low dose of cadmium exposure induces benign prostate hyperplasia like condition in rat: A novel benign prostate hyperplasia rodent model Experimental Biology and Medicine
I.F. 2.22
May 2014 Volume 239(7):
  6. Pulipaka Ramadevi, Rinky Singh, Akhilesh Prajapati, Sarita Gupta, and Debjani Chakraborty Cu(II) Complexes of Isoniazid Schiff Bases: DNA/BSA Binding and Cytotoxicity Studies on A549 Cell Line Advances in Chemistry July 2014 Volume 2014 (2014), Article ID 630575, 14 pages  
  7. Mehul Mistri, Chaitanya Datar, Frenny Sheth
, Sarita Gupta, Jayesh Sheth
Disease causing Novel Mutation in the Hexa gene; study of 7 children with Tay Sacs from India Molecular Genetics and Metabolism Reports
I.F. 2.65
2014 Volume 111
Issue 2
  8. Jayesh Sheth,  Mehul Mistria, Chaitanya Datarb, Umesh Kalaneb, Shekhar Patilc, Mahesh Kamated, Harshuti Shahe, Sheela Nampoothirif, Sarita Guptag, Frenny Sheth Expanding the spectrum of HEXA mutations in Indian patients with Tay–Sachs disease Molecular Genetics and Metabolism Reports September 2014 Volume 1, 2014, Pages 425–430  
  9. AkhileshPrajapati
, Sharad Gupta
, Ramesh Bhonde
and Sarita Gupta
Pluripotent Stem Cell within the Prostate could be Responsible for Benign Prostate Hyperplasia in Human Stem Cell research and Therapy
I.F. 5.88

Feb 2014
Volume 4; Issue 1  
  10. ChitraAnkleshwaria, MehulMistri, Ashish Bavdekar, MamtaMuranjan,Usha Dave, ParagTamhankar, Varun Khanna, EreshaJasinge, SheelaNampoothiri, Suresh EdayankaraKadangot, FrennySheth, Sarita Gupta and JayeshSheth

Novel mutations in the glucocerebrosidase gene of Indian patients with Gaucher disease.

Journal of Human Genetics (NPG).
I.F. 2.36
Feb 2014 Volume 5  
  11. ChitraAnkleshwaria, JayeshSheth, MehulMistri, Ashish Bavdekar, SheelaNampoothiri,
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Identification of novel mutations in glucocerebrosidase (GBA) gene in Indian patients with gaucher disease (GD)
Molecular Cytogenetics
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Jan 2014 Volume  
  12. MehulMistri, ChaitanyaDatar
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Identification of Novel Mutations in HEXA Gene in Children Affected with Tay-Sachs Disease from India. (poster presentation) Molecular Cytogenetics
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Jan 2014 Volume 7-S1-P53  
  13. JayeshSheth
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Prenatal diagnosis of Tay-Sachs disease: our institutional experience. (Poster presentation) Molecular Cytogenetics
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Jan 2014 Volume 7-S1-P124  
  14. Sarita Gupta Perspective of stem cell research & therapy in diabetes (Abstract). Molecular Cytogenetics
I.F. 2.36
Jan 2014 Volume 7-S1-I61  
  15. AkhileshPrajapati, Sharad Gupta, Bhavesh Mistry, and Sarita Gupta Review: Prostate Stem Cells in the Development of Benign Prostate Hyperplasia and Prostate Cancer: Emerging Role and Concepts. BioMed Research International.
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Volume 2013 (2013), Article ID 107954, 10 pages  
  16. Mohammad MahboobKanafi, YajamanBajjappaRajeshwari, Sarita Gupta, NidheeshDadheech, PrabhaNair, Pawan Kumar Gupta and Ramesh RamchandraBhonde. Transplantation of islet like cell clusters derived from human dental pulp stem cells restores normoglycemia in diabetic mice Cytotherapy
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Volume 15, Issue 10, October 2013, Pages 1228–1236  
  17. Tushar P. Patel, SanketSoni , Pankti Parikh, RagithaChruvattil and Sarita Gupta Swertiamarin : An active lead from Enicostemmalittorale regulates Hepatic and Adipose tissue gene expression by targeting PPAR-γ & improves insulin sensitivity in experimental NIDDM Rat model Evidence Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine
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Volume 2013 (2013), Article ID 358673, 11 pages  
  18. RajaniGiridhar, Riyaj S. Tamboli, Dhaval G. Prajapati, SanketSoni, Sarita Gupta, M. R. Yadav Synthesis of novel 4,6-diaryl-2-aminopyrimidines as potential antiplasmodial agents Medical Chemistry Research
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July 2013, Volume 22, Issue 7  
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  20. DadheechN, Soni S, Srivastava A, Dadheech S,  Gopurappilly R,  BhondeRR and Gupta S A Small Molecule Swertisin from Enicostemmalittorale Differentiates NIH3T3 cells into Islet like Clusters and Restores Normoglycemia upon Transplantation in Diabetic Balb/c Mice Evidence Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine
I.F. 4.7
Volume 2013 (2013), Article ID 280392  
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PloS One
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  27. Niraj M. Bhatt , Kinjal Chauhan , Sharad Gupta , Prakash Pillai , Chirayu Pandya , Jyoti V. Thaikoottathil and Sarita S. Gupta. Protective Effect of EnicostemmalittoraleBlumeMethanolic Extract on Gentamicin-Induced Nephrotoxicity in Rats. American Journal of Infectious Diseases
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Volume 7, Issue 4, Pages 83-90.
  28. Prakash P Pillai, Chirayu D Pandya and Sarita S Gupta Book edited by: Prof. Dr. Volodymyr I. Lushchak; Co-editor: Prof. Dr. Oksana Stoliar Oxidative Stress / Book 3; ISBN 979-953-307-749-8;
In press  
    Patent: Sarita Gupta and R.R. Bhonde.
Islet neogenic potential of Methanolic Extract of Enicostemma littorale herb. Patent filed to Department of Biotechnology. Government of India.   Patent Number- #2425/DEL/2009.  
Courses being taught during 2013-2014:
Clinical biochemistry, Physiology, Cell-biology, and Molecular Endocrinology at  Post-Graduate level.
Previously taught courses:
Clinical biochemistry, Physiology, Cell-biology, and Molecular Endocrinology at the Post-Graduate level.  Biomolecules at the graduate level.
Detailed Curriculum Vitae: see link
Any other relevant information:
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