Devarshi Gajjar

FACULTY OF SCIENCE >> Department of Microbiology
Designation : Associate Professor
Qualification : M.Sc Ph.D
Phone Nos : 9898933299
Email :
Experience : ---
Areas of Interest : The broad research interests are to conduct research in visual sciences and to enhance understanding of fundamental processes in ocular tissue related to health and disease. One of the major thrust area of research in the lab is acute ocular infections. The successful management of any infection requires correct identification of the etiological pathogen and further the appropriate choice of the antibiotic. The group emphasizes on the molecular identificaion of pathogens and has published 4 papers in this line. Currently, with the support of funding from ICMR the lab aims to identify and characterize the virulence factors from fungal pathogens associated with the most common corneal infections (keratitis). Furthermore, the lab intends to run a long term surveillance program of monitoring the antibiotic resistance pattern of ocular pathogens that would keep a check of the increasing trend of resistance. Studies are also planned to evalaute the molecular mechnisms of antibiotic resistance. The past projects handled by her lab include research pertaining to the cell line of Lens Epithelial cell (LEC). Using the cultured LECs, various agents were screened for their inhibitory effect on LECs as possible therapies for secondary cataract or PCO (posterior capsule opacity) which occurs after cataract surgery. Understanding the role of cell polarity in maintaining the epithelial morphology of cells is one of the other CSIR funded projects undertaken in the department
Devarshi  Gajjar