Dr Anjali U Patel

FACULTY OF SCIENCE >> Department of Chemistry
Designation : Professor
Qualification :
  • M.Sc.,(Inorg.Chemistry),Ph.D.
Phone Nos : 0912652648913
Email :
Experience : Teaching Experience: 18 years Research Experience: 20 years (after Ph. D.)
Areas of Interest : Heterogeneous Catalysis, Polyoxometalates, Green Chemistry, Material Science
Dr Anjali  U  Patel

Detailed CV

Name : Anjali Patel
: Professor
E Mail
: aupatel_chem@yahoo.com
Phone No(s)
: 09638103500
Educational Qualifications : Ph. D. at The M. S. University of Baroda
Post Doctoral Research
: Institut de la Recherch Sur la Catalyse, CNRS, LYON
Area Of Specialization
: Heterogeneous Catalysis, Polyoxometalates, Green Chemistry, Material Science
Teaching Experience
: UG - 18 years,  PG - 18 years
Research Experience
: 20 years (after Ph. D.) 

Teaching Interests

: Catalysis, Solid State Chemistry
Research Interests :Catalysis, Materials

 Details of Research Projects handled
Title of the project Funding agency Duration Present status Total Cost
Oxidation of alkenes using supported heteropolyacids as catalysts. UGC, New Delhi June 2001- June 2005 Completed 2,92,000/-
Use of supported heteropolyacids as ecofriendly acid catalysts for alkylation of functional compounds. DST, New Delhi Feb 2003- Feb 2007 Completed 9,60,000/-
Unsupported and
Supported susubstituted
Heterpolyacid as
Green catalysts for
Oxidation of alkenes and alcohols.
UGC, New Delhi May 2006 – May 2009 Completed 5,00,000/-
Friedel-Crafts Acylation of Phenol Based Substrates Catalyzed by
Supported Heteropolyacids
DAE-BRNS Aug 2007- Aug 2010 Completed 12,07,000/-
Functionalized Polyoxometalates: Synthesis, Characterization and Asymmetric Oxidation of Alkenes DST, New Delhi Nov 2007- Nov 2010 Completed  15,00,000/-
Development of bi-functional heterogeneous catalysts based on lacunary polyoxometalates for the environmentally benign production of fine and intermediate chemicals DST, New Delhi Jan 2011 – Sept 2014 Ongoing 32,00,000/-
Clean acid catalysis by eco-friendly solid acids comprising heteropolyacids and mesoporous materials UGC, New Delhi Feb 2011- Feb 2014 Ongoing 8,07,000/-
Tailoring of catalytic materials based on Polyoxometalates and their applications as catalysts for some organic                                    transformations DST, New Delhi Aug 2013-Aug 2016 Ongoing 30,00,000/-
Development of alternative drug delivery systems based on micro and mesoporous silica.” CSIR, HRDG, New Delhi Sept 2014- Sept 2017 Ongoing 25,00,000/-
Publications (From 2008 to present):
  1. 12-Tungstophosphoric acid supported on mesoporous molecular material: Synthesis, Characterization and Performance in biodiesel production, S. Singh, A. Patel, J. Cleaner Production, Accepted, 2014.
  2. Cobalt substituted Keggin-type phosphotungstate, an efficient epoxidation catalyst: Study on kinetic behaviour as well as reaction mechanism, Synth. React. Inorg. Metal Org. Nano-Metal Chem., P. Shringarpure, A. Patel (Accepted).
  3. Manganese (III) Salen Supported onto Hydrous Zirconia: Synthesis, Characterization and Solvent Free Aerobic Oxidation of Styrene. Synth. React. Inorg. Metal Org. Nano-Metal Chem., K. Patel, V. Brahmkhatri, A. Patel, (Accepted).
  4. green and sustainable approach for esteriï¬Âcation of glycerol using 12-tungstophosphoric acid anchored to different supports: Kinetics and effect of support, A. Patel, S. Singh, Fuel, 118, 358 (2014).
  5. Heterogeneous catalytic oxidation of styrene by an oxo bridged divanadium(V) complex of an acetohydrazide-schiff base, D. Sadhukhan, M. Maiti, E. Zangrando, S. Pathan, S. Mitra, A. Patel, Polyhedron, 69, 129 (2014).
  6. Mono lacunary phosphomolybdate supported to MCM-41: Synthesis, characterization and solvent free aerobic oxidation of alkenes and alcohols, N. Narkhede, A. Patel, S. Singh, Dalton Trans., 43, 2512 (2014).
  7. Selective green oxidation of alcohols and alkenes with molecular oxygen using supported undecamolybdophosphate under solvent free conditio, S. Pathan, A. Patel, Chem. Eng. J., 243, 183 (2014).
  8. Keggin type transition metal substituted phosphomolybdates: Heterogeneous catalysts for selective aerobic oxidation of alcohols and alkenes under solvent free condition. S. Pathan, A. Patel, Catal. Sci. Technol., 4, 648 (2014).
  9. Biodiesel synthesis via esterification and transesterification over a new heterogeneous catalyst comprising of lacunary silicotungstate and MCM-41. A. Patel, N. Narkhede, Catal. Sci. Technol., 3, 3317 (2013).
  10. Biodiesel Production by Esterification of Oleic Acid and Transesterification of Soybean Oil Using a New Solid Acid Catalyst Comprising 12-Tungstosilicic Acid and Zeolite Hβ, N. Narkhede, A. Patel, Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 52, 13637(2013).
  11. Bifunctional Catalytic Activity of 12-Tungstophosphoric Acid Impregnated to Different Supports for Esterification and Oxidation of Benzyl Alcohol: A Comparative Study on Catalytic Activity and Kinetics. A. Patel, S.  Singh, Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 52, 10896 (2013).
  12. Biodiesel production by esterification of free fatty acid over sulfated zirconia, A. Patel, V. Brahmkhatri, N. Singh, Renewable Energy, 51, 227 (2013).
  13. Transition-Metal-Substituted Phosphomolybdates: Catalytic and Kinetic Study for Liquid-Phase Oxidation of Styrene, S. Pathan, A. Patel, Ind. Eng. Chem. Res., 52, 11913 (2013).
  14. Keggin type mono Ni(II)- substituted phosphomolybdate: a sustainable, homogeneous and reusable catalyst for Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling reaction, S. Pathan, A. Patel, Dalton Trans., 42, 11600 (2013).
  15. Solvent free clean selective oxidation of alcohols cartalysed by mono transition metal (Co, Mn, Ni)- substituted Keggin- phosphomolybdates using hydrogen peroxide, S. Pathan, A. Patel, Appl. Catal. A: Gen., 459, 59 (2013).
  16. Ru-exchanged supported 12-tungstophosphoric acid for selective liquid phase aerobic oxidation of styrene under solvent-free conditions, A. Patel, Recent Patents on Catal., 1, 2 (2013).
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  22. Synthesis and crystal structure of an oxovanadium(IV) complex with a pyrazolone ligand and its use as a heterogeneous catalyst for the oxidation of styrene under mild conditions, S. Parihar, S. Pathan, R. Jadeja, A. Patel, Inorg. Chem., 1152, 51(2), (2012).
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