Dr (Mrs)Padmaja Sudhakar Pamidimukkala

FACULTY OF SCIENCE >> Department of Chemistry
Designation : Professor
Qualification : Ph.D.(I.I.T. Madras,M.Phil.(Anal.Chem.):Univ. Of Madras, M.Sc.(Anal.Chem.):Univ. Of Madras
Phone Nos : 09376214733,0265- 2780468
Email :
Experience : Teaching Experience : 18 years. Research Experience: 20 years
Areas of Interest : Analytical and Environmental Chemistry
Dr (Mrs)Padmaja Sudhakar Pamidimukkala

Detailed CV

Name:      Dr(Mrs.) P. Padmaja Sudhakar
Designation :Professor
  E Mail :p_padmaja2001@yahoo.com.
Phone No(s): 0265- 2780468/09376214733(M)
 Educational Qualifications:Ph.D.(I.I.T. Chennai),M.Phil.(Anal.Chem.):Univ. Of Madras, M.Sc.(Anal.Chem.):Univ. Of Madras
Post Doctoral Research: 15 months ,Central Scientific Instruments Organization -a CSIR organization in Chennai for the development of Sulphur di-oxide analyzer using coulometric technique. 
Area Of Specialization.: Analytical Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry
Teaching Experience :  18 years.        
Research Experience: 20 years   

Teaching Interests:Analytical(Spectroscopy, advanced separation techniques, electrochemistry, Chemometrics) and environmental Chemistry

 Research Interests:
  • Green  and sustainable Chemistry
  • Surface Science-Use of Biomass as adsorbents for environmental remediation
  • Biocomposites/ Organic-Inorganic Hybrids- biopolymers like chitosan and guar gum ; their use in environmental remediation
  • Nanoparticles-  synthesis using biomass extracts- Application in environmental remediation and catalysis
  • Reuse of metal pollutant adsorbed materials as catalysts
Select Publications
1.Kushwaha, S., Sreedhar, B., Padmaja, P.XPS, EXAFS, and FTIR as tools to probe the unexpected adsorption-coupled reduction of U(VI) to U(V) and U(IV) on borassus flabellifer -based adsorbents (2012) Langmuir, 28 (46), pp. 16038-16048. 
2.Kushwaha, S., Sudhakar, P.P. Noncovalent surface grafting of uranium complexed cucurbit[5]uril oligomer onto palm shell powder: A novel approach for selective uranyl ion extraction (2012) Analyst, 137 (14), pp. 3242-3245.
3.Kushwaha, S., Sreedhar, B., Sudhakar, P.P.A spectroscopic study for understanding the speciation of Cr on palm shell based adsorbents and their application for the remediation of chrome plating effluents(2012) Bioresource Technology, 116, pp. 15-23.
4.Kushwaha, S., Sreedhar, B., Sudhakar, P.P.Adsorption of Hg 2+ onto Borassus Flabellifer: A redox mechanism (2012) Chemical Engineering Journal, 193-194, pp. 328-338.
5.Kushwaha, S., Rao, S.A., Sudhakar, P.P.Fluorescent uranyl ion lidded cucurbit[5]uril capsule (2012) Inorganic Chemistry, 51 (1), pp. 267-273.