Dr Prakash B Samnani

FACULTY OF SCIENCE >> Department of Chemistry
Designation : Professor
Qualification : MSc (Inorg. & Anal. Chemistry),PhD Chemistry
Phone Nos : 912652356827,2795552
Email :
Experience : Teaching Experience : 21 years Research Experience: 23 years
Areas of Interest : Homogeneous Catalysis & Environmental Anal.Chemistry
Dr Prakash   B Samnani

Detailed CV

Designation : Associate Professor
  E Mail : sampbus@yahoo.com, pbsamnani2009@gmail.com
Phone No(s): 2795552
  Educational Qualifications: MSc (Inorganic & Analytical Chemistry)
PhD Chemistry 
Area Of Specialization.: Analytical chemistry, Environmental chemistry, Homogeneous catalysis
Teaching Experience :          21 years
Research Experience:           23 years
Teaching Interests: Chromatography: GC, HPLC, TLC, PC, SFC, Advances
                                Statistics in Analytical Chemistry,   Environmental Chemistry, Molecular Catalysis
 Research Interests: Environmental Analytical Chemistry: Methods of extraction and chromatographic determination of organic pollutants in water
Analytical Chemistry: Development of new methods of separation for phytochemicals,Homogeneous Catalysis: Epoxidation of simple olefins
Select Publications
1. Development and Validation of a New HPLC Method for Simultaneous Determination of Esomeprazole, Venlafaxine HCl and Fenofibrate, K S Kumar and P B Samnani, International Journal of ChemTech Research: Vol.6, No.1, pp 838-844, Jan-March 2014.
2. Simple and Sensitive Method for Determination of Imidacloprid Residue in Soil and Water by HPLC, Prakash Samnani, Kamlesh Vishwakarma, S Y Pandey, Bulletin of Environmental Contamination & Toxicology, Volume 86, Issue 5 (2011), 554.
3. Preconcentration and quanititave determination of esmoprazole magnesium present in water, K S Kumar, P B Samnani, Analytical  Letters, 43: 9, (2010), 1427.
4. A new method for Spectrophotometric determination of paracetamol, Ruchika Pal, Koppula Santhosh Kumar, P B Samnani, Analytical Chemistry: An Indian Journal, Vol 6(2), 2007.
5. A Simple Method For Simultaneous Determination Of Aspirin And Paracetamol In Treated Municipal Sewage Water In Vadodara, P B Samnani, Koppula Santhosh Kumar, S P Sahoo, N R Patel, Environmental Science: An Indian Journal, Vol 2 (3), 2007.