Prof. N. S. R. Krishnayya

FACULTY OF SCIENCE >> Department of Botany
Designation : Professor
Qualification : Ph.D. in Botany
Phone Nos : 00912652791891
Email :
Experience : Teaching Experience 26 years; Research Experience 30 years
Areas of Interest : The biodiversity-productivity relationship is fundamental in understanding about the impact of regional extinction crisis on the functioning of natural ecosystems. How the intra-specific variation alters regional ecological dynamics is not looked at. Current research activities focus to find out whether existing forest covers will continue to act as a constraint on climate change by taking up more carbon. This is addressed by evaluating carbon fluxes - GPP/NPP, C dynamics in aboveground biomass, impact of plant functional and trait diversity on these processes. These needs are met with a strategic combination of remote and in situ data, with satellite observations providing the dense sampling in space and time, essential to characterize the heterogeneity of tropical ecosystem structure and function. The role of soil processes in global carbon and climate models is getting a growing attention. This is to understand the magnitude of global soil carbon feed- backs to climate change. Ongoing activities include how soil carbon pools are balanced between variable plant inputs and microbial decomposition. These kind of data are not available from the large and diverse forests covers of our country.
Prof. N. S. R. Krishnayya


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