Ravinayak Patlavath

FACULTY OF SCIENCE >> Department of Botany
Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification : M.Sc., B.Ed
Phone Nos : 0265-2791891, Mobile: 0091-9824839389
Email :
Experience : Teaching Experience 2 years; Research Experience 5 years
Areas of Interest : Understanding mechanical stress induced responses in agronomically important plants: Most of the mammals have different sensory organs to perceive threat in their environment and possess the power of motility to escape from threat. Plants unlike mammals live sedentary life and lack locomotion but they have evolved their senses to perceive changes in their environment. Plants frequently undergo biotic stress like attack by microbes, insects and other herbivores. Plants are capable of distinguishing different biotic stress and in each case plants raise a strong stress response to fight against the stress. Interestingly, evidences indicate that mechanical perturbations like touch raise a response involving many molecules which are also known to regulate defense response (Chehab et al 2012). This observation gives rise to a question – Is touch sensed as stress stimulus in all plants and how we can use this stimuli for pest control in crop plant.
 Ravinayak   Patlavath


25-11-2016 13:11:44