Pranav R Vyas

FACULTY OF SCIENCE >> Department of Microbiology
Designation : Associate Professor
Qualification : M.Sc. Ph.D (Microbiology)
Phone Nos : 265 2663485 (R) ; 265 2794396 (O)
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Experience : 25 years teaching post graduate students
Areas of Interest : The major research interest of mine lies in the field of spiritual science. Since science is a pursuit of the TRUTH, one cannot limit the scope of enquiry for the truth within the confines of concepts. Spiritual enquiry begins with the felt need to urgently resolve the interfacial tension between conventional knowledge and conscientious objections. All the cultivated prudential faculties reach a dead-end in offering the explanation for the fundamental polarity between the precepts and practices of established individuals & institutions in the society. The phenomenal existence is the conceptual superimposition where human intelligence is the king that perceives everything as resources for its pleasure employing persuasion and coercion are the weapons of hedonism. Mind and intelligence are the tools to aid awareness. Never allow the awareness to be imprisoned by aids; otherwise one spends the whole life as Mr. Disable. Intelligence that is bound organically with the mind when sincerely and honestly develops the quest for freedom from the conceptual prison house, the purificatory process for the reception of spiritual reflection begins. Creative interpretation of REALITY with a regenerative capacity to infuse joy of life in dead mind that is tired of playing with dead matter (DNA and Computer) is the crying need of the hour. Consciousness is the energy that makes one aware of existence and infuses life into every experience. Tree of life is nourished with the energy of consciousness & a bear the fruits of Righteousness (Dharma), Wealth (Artha), Desire fulfilment (Kama) & Liberation (Moksha), every human being has a democratic freedom to enjoy either or all of them to their HEARTS delight. Concept about spirituality is science, it can offer an explanation by interpreting Reality in its light but it cannot deliver the content of Reality. Concept signifies the potential which needs to be actualised or kinetized by demonstratable conduct for self-validation. Will is a purposive force of the SELF which determines & implies an action. Search for the SOURCE that fires & fuels one’s intellect is the only worthy human pursuits in higher ACADEMY of learning is sacred belief of Sages that I endorse & pursue. Eloquent silence of the SAGE can never be substituted by the babel of Glitterati and Chatteratti whose words are filled with the poisonous nerve gases of Mr. Ego.
Pranav R Vyas