The CHETAN BALWADI is a laboratory nursery school of the Department of Human Development and Family Studies, Faculty of Family & Community Sciences, The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda.
• Since its inception in 1949,  it has served as a premier institution in the field of early child development.

• The main facets of Chetan Balwadi include providing a quality early child development program for children, training of students, professional and paraprofessional personnel and research in the area of development, education, parenting and related aspects.

Designing and implementing a developmentally appropriate program for children. Providing on field experiences and training to the undergraduate and post graduate students of the department.   Advocating principles and practices of early child development.


Follows Progressive Philosophy of John Dewey & also integrated curriculum.   The curriculum is based on children’s experiences, interest and need felt by the teachers.   The approach is child centered.   The program is activity based, encouraging exploration of the environment, opportunities for self expression, hands on concrete experiences.   The emphasis is on the process rather than the product.  


Eligibility- 3 to 4 years

Population representing different socio-economic groups, occupations, religions, languages spoken at home.   Open only at entry point. Process for admission takes place in the month of December-January.

Head of Department

  • Dr. Divya Sharma
    Chetan Balwadi

    Designation: Superintendent and Assistant Professor

    Qualification: Ph.D. in Human Development and Family Studies M.Sc. in Human Development and Family Studies B.Sc.
    Phone Nos: 0265-2792227, 0265-2793984
    Email: drdivyaneeraj@gmail.com
    Experience: 12 Years
    Areas of Interest: Values, Families and Human Development in India, Indian conceptions of Forgiveness , Cultural and ...