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Prof. (Dr.) Jayrajsinh Jadeja 06 06
Prof. Surendra Sundararajan 01 03
Dr. Sunita Sharma 00 02

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Year Author Title of the paper Journal Listed/Indexed Impact factor h-Index i-index
2010 Jadeja Jayrajsinh D., Shukla Kedar A study of Corporate Accountability and Governance Practices of Blue Star Ltd Managing Business Development in Globalized World, Strategies for Excellence
Paper published in Excel book. ISBN81-7446-927-4.
2011 Jadeja Jayrajsinh and Shukla Kedar “A study of Corporate Social Responsibility Performance Index (CSRP) at the Various Companies in India in Context with Social Challenges SIMCA  Pune  conference proceedings book, the Corporate Initiatives Diversity to Inclusiveness.Jan 20-22 ,2011. ISBN 978-81-921468-0-5 pp 39-45        
2010 Jadeja Jayrajsinh D. and Shukla Kedar A study of Evolution of Corporate Social responsibility Concept in India   Published in a book“Organizational Excellence –Managing Corporate responsibility and risk for synergizing business practices” Excel book publication, Feb. 2010 edited by DrRajendra Jain and Neha Lakhotia. ISBN 976-81-7446-819-2. Pp 271-283. V v
2011 Jadeja Jayrajsinh D. and Bharadwa Preshth Healthcare Services in India- A Strategic Perspective International Journal of Research in Commerce and Management, September/October 2011.ISSN 2231        
2012 Jadeja Jayrajsinh  D. and Chakravarty Shantanu Global Recession and Impact on Indian Pharmaceutical Industry Dynamics of Global Recession published by Gujarat Technological University in collaboration with Parul Institute. Excel India Publishers.  ISBN : 978 – 93 – 81361 – 78 -  8. 6 – 8        
2011 Jadeja Jayrajsinh D. and Shukla Kedar A Comparative study of the Telecommuncation industries of India and South korea and The mobile handset market war of South Korea.      International Journal of Mobile Marketing, Winter 2011, ISSN 1939 – 1161
2012 Jadeja Jayrajsinh D. and Shukla Kedar A study of Concept, Similarities and Difference between Corporate Governance and Enterprise Governance Developing Strategies for Organisations in Global Economies Prospects, Issues and Challenges. Paper PublishedISBN – 978 – 93 – 5062 – 002 – 1.        
2013 Jadeja Jayrajsinh D. and Chakravarty Shantanu Mankind Pharmaceutical – Growth & Challenges in Globalized Market Excellent Publishing House, New Delhi. ISBN 978-93-83083-13-8.
2013 Jadeja J.D., Shukla K. A Study of Impact of Strategic CSR  as an Integral  Tool For Expanding Rural Markets Through  A Case Study Of Hindustan Uniliver Ltd. International Journal Management Trends , ISSN 0973-9203 , June-December , 2013 Volume 10 No 1-2 Page 19-27
2014 Jadeja J.D, Shukla K A Comparative Study of An  Innovative Marketing Strategies Adopted by Mahindra Holidays  And Resorts (India) Ltd. (MHRIL)  and  Sterling Holidays Resorts (India) Ltd. (SHRIL) ; Emerging Innovative Marketing Strategies in the Tourism Industry IGI Publications ISBN13: 9781466686991 ; 2015 Chapter 9 ; Pp. 157-173        
2015 Jadeja J.D, Shukla K Credibility  Governance Model of Managing  Non Profit  Organization Through A Case Study of NGO of Blind People’s Association International journal SEMCOM Management and Technology review, ISSN -2321-5698 Vol-2 Issue -2 March 2015. Pp.18-25
2015 Jadeja J.D., Shukla K Study of CSR Based United Nations  Industrial Development Organizations (UNIDO) model of Industrial Developmen             SEMCOM Management and Technology review, ISSN -2321-5698 Vol-3 Issue -1 October 2015. Pp.56-64
2015  Jadeja J.D, Shukla K., Trivedi H Overview of  World ATW (Air to Water) Heat Pump Market and Opportunities with respect to Air-Conditioning Industry Prabandhan ; Indian Journal of Management : December 2015 ; ISSN 0975-2854 Volume V ; Issue 7 , 2015 Pp 7-17
2016 Jayrajsinh D. Jaeja and Shantanu Chkaravarty A Conceptual Paper on Emerging Business Challenges-Indian Pharmaceutical Indsury Ch-1 Emerging Business Challenges Ideas & Solutions SEMCOM , Lajja Publications, ISBN:978-93-81286-61-6      
2010 Surendra Sundararajan An Economic Perspective on Some Issues Looming over Higher Education Indian Journal of Higher Education, Inaugural edition, September 2009-February 2010        
2010 Surendra Sundararajan The BOT Model for a Medical College Abhivyakti: The Journal of Railway Staff College, Vol. 20, No. 1, January-July 2010.
Surendra Sundararajan
India’s Macroeconomic Script beyond the Fiscal Stimulus
Rao, A.S., and P.
R. Joshi (Eds.), Economic Growth and Stability in the Post Reform Period: Indian Experience, Centre for Research in Planning and Development, Department of Economics, The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Vadodara, 2011.
2014 Surendra Sundararajan Enfeebling India’s Gold Rush by Macroeconomic Revival Synergy: Journal of Management, Vol. 16, No. 1 and 2, January-December 2014, ISSN 0973-922x        
2015 Surendra Sundararajan On the Reserve Bank of India’s Exchange Rate Policy SIES Journal of Applied Finance and Accounting, Vol. 2, No. 1, 2015, ISSN 2394-8353        
Surendra Sundararajan
Monetary Policy Sans International Co-ordination
SEMCOM Management & Technology Review, Vol. 3, Issue 2, March 2016, ISSN 2321-5968.
2014 Prof. Parimal Vyas An Empirical Investigation of Linkage Between Age & Buying Behaviour of Mediclaim Policyholders in the Vadodara City of Gujarat State
Inspira- Journal of Modern Management & Entrepreneurship; Vol. 04, No. 02, April, 2014, PP. 176-192, ISSN  2231–167 X        
2014 Prof. Parimal Vyas An Empirical Exploration of Social Networking & Leisure Travel Planning Parikalpana - KIIT Journal of Management,
Vol-10[II], June-Dec, 2014, PP. 95-106, ISSN 0974-2808
2014 Prof. Parimal Vyas Mapping Perceptions of Natural Gas Vehicle [NGV] Driver’s Behaviour on Safety Training [An Empirical Study Across Gujarat Inspira- Journal of Modern Management & Entrepreneurship; Vol. 04, No. 04, October, 2014, PP. 42 -58, ISSN  2231–167 X        
2014 Prof. Parimal Vyas A Structural Equation Model (SEM) of Patients’ Satisfaction Measurement: Study of Selected Hospitals of Baroda The Indian Journal of Commerce; Vol. 67 No. 4, Oct – Dec 2014, PP. 36-47, ISSN : 0019 – 512X)        
2015 Prof. Parimal Vyas Discriminating Factors and Structural Equation Model for Rural and Urban Consumers for Buying Mobile Phones in Vadodara District The Indian Journal of Commerce; Vol. 68 No. 1, Jan – Mar 2015; PP. 14-29. (Regd. No. 4973/60), ISSN : 0019 – 512X        
2015 Prof. Parimal Vyas Market Performance Analysis and SEM Model on Vital Dimensions of Customers’ Satisfaction from Postal Services in Vadodara City of Gujarat State MTC Global Journal of Management and Entrepreneurship; Vol. 3, Issue: 6, July-September, 2015, PP. 71-84, ISSN: 2231-3710        
2015 Prof. Parimal Vyas Applying Structural Equation Model (Sem) For Examining Influences of Store and Product Attributes on Patronage Behaviour of Shoppers in Baroda City of Gujarat State Delhi Business Review,
Vol. 16, No. 1 (January - June 2015), PP. 39-57,  ISBN: 978-81-923211-7-2
2015 Prof. Parimal Vyas A Comparative Experiential Examination of Media Habits on Buying Decisions of Rural Versus Urban Consumers SEMCOM Management & Technology Review; Volume – 2, Issue -2, March-2015, pp- 1-17, ISSN – 2321 - 5968        
2015 Prof. Parimal Vyas E –Commerce Challenges: A Case Study of Flipkart.com Versus Amazon.in Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol No. 5, Issue 2 February, 2015, ISSN – 2249 – 555x        
2016 Prof. Parimal Vyas An Empirical Exploration of Influences of Retail
Store Atmosphere on Shoppers’ Satisfaction in the
Baroda City of Gujarat State
The Indian Journal of Commerce; Vol. 69 No. 1, Jan – Mar 2016; PP. 33-53, ISSN : 0019 – 512X        
2010 Dr. S.U Sharma Combating Child labour A gray area of Corporate Social Responsibility IMED Journal of Management & Social Research (ISSN 0974-6862)        
2013 Dr. S.U. Sharma Telecom Sector of India Challenges and Proactive Strategies for FDI India-Canada Trade and Bilateral Flows Performance, prospects & proactive strategies (ISBN : 978-81-8424-818-0)        
Dr. S.U Sharma
Right to education: Government Proposes India Inc. Dispose
Journal of Management & Research, Sankalpa (ISSN 2231-1904)
2013 Dr. S.U Sharma Ch.11 Corporate Governance in India Future Directions in Management        
Bhargav Pandya
Market Value Added: An Empirical Analysis of Indian Banks
Indian Journal of Accounting, 46 (1), 74-86  (ISSN: 0972-1479)
Global Impact factor: 0.785
2014 Bhargav Pandya Association of Total Shareholder Return with other value based measures of financial performance: Evidence from Indian Banking Sector Journal of Entrepreneurship, Business and Economics, 2 (2), 26–44. ISSN 2345-4695 Google scholar, ISI, Open J-gate, International Impact Factor services   hc-index: 4 Journal g-index: 3  
Bhargav Pandya
Impact of Performance of Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE) on Economic growth: An Empirical Analysis
Akshai Aggarwal, Hitesh Gujarati and Vikrant Vala (Ed.) Role of Financial Industry  in Accelerating Economic Growth (pp.158-165) Ahmedabad: Gujarat Technological University and Sriygoi Publishers (ISBN:978-81-9237-874-9)
2014 Dr. S.U Sharma Investors protection & Shareholders Activism: Attitudinal survey of small shareholders about Investors Protection Saransh (ISBN:-2014-246)        
Bhargav Pandya
Impact of Priority Sector Advances on Bank Profitability: evidence from Scheduled Commercial Banks of India
BVIMSR’s Journal of Management Research, 7 (2), 75-81, ISSN: 0976-4739
SJIF (2014) =3.438,  I2OR-PIF (2014)= 3.785
2015 Bhargav Pandya
Credit Management and Bank Performance: Empirical Evidence from India Prestige International Journal of Management and Research, 7(2) & 8 (1), 12-18, ISSN: 0974-6080 Proquest      
2016 Bhargav Pandya
An Application of Dividend Discount Model to Telecom Service Companies of India SAMVAD:SIBM’s Research Journal, 11, 71-77, ISSN: 2249-1880, eISSN: 2348-5329 i-Scholar
Dr. S.U.Sharma
Work Family challenges in case of non-supervisory Female employees- A study of Textile Industry
Research Trends in Economic, Finance, & Human Resource Management(ISBN:978-93-85777-44-8)
2016 Bhargav Pandya
Impact of Financial Leverage on Market Value Added: Empirical Evidence from India Journal of Entrepreneurship, Business and Economics, 4 (2), 40-58, ISSN 2345-4695 Google scholar, ISI, Open J-gate, International Impact Factor services   hc-index: 4 Journal g-index: 3  
Bhargav Pandya
Measurement of Shareholder Value Creation in India: A Research Design and Methodology
Sankalpa Journal of Management & Research, 6 (1), 16-20, ISSN: 2231-1904
ISRA:JIF. =2.813
2016 Bhargav Pandya
The Relationship between Operating Cycle Ratios and  Market Value Added (MVA): An Empirical Analysis of Listed Companies of India Amity Journal of Finance, 1(1),107-116 1.      ISSN:2455-9741 (print), ISSN: 2456-1568 (Online)

Books published:
Sr. No. Year Author (s) Title Publisher
1 2013 Jadeja J.D, Shukla K. Pillars of Corporate Social Responsibility Excel Book Publication –New Delhi ISBN No. 978-93-5062-253-7
2 2010 Surendra Sundararajan Book of Financial Terms, 4th ed. Tata McGraw-Hill, New Delhi, 2010.
3 2010 Dr. S.U Sharma Corporate Governance in India  New Century Publications