Department of Mechanical Engineering is having a rich heritage of having been with Polytechnic right from the date of inception of Polytechnic which started in 1903 at Kalabhavan.
      The department used the labs & infrastructure of Department of Mechanical Engineering of Kalabhvan. It was under the organisation of Prof. D. Subbarao having international reputation. It had the privilege of having Prof. L. B. Shah as head while in Kalabhavan.
      Department alongwith Polytechnic was shifted in 1960 to the new building where today the Polytechnic is existing. Right since then the Department is having full fledged labs of Thermal Engineering sciences, Hydraulics & a workshop for manufacturing & production proceses.
      Department had started & run a 3 years full time course of diploma in Production Engineering for about 6 years & had its 2 batches educated. The course was initiated by late Prof. R. C. Patel. The course was closed down at that time as industries didnot show good adaptability to employ the passed students.
      The Department had also started & run a 1 Year full time course of Post Diploma in Automobile Engineering in early 70s. The course was stopped after educating 1 batch.
      The Department is honored to have its first Head of Department in the new location, Prof. R. C. Patel, a jewel in the crown, who passed away while he was in post of Vice Chancellor of M. S. University.
      His headship by Prof. B. M. Patel, a renowned name for significant contribution in writing the books on Hydraulics & Machinery, who had later worked as the Principal of engineering college at Shadah, Maharashtra.
      Next to him to head the department was Prof. V. H. Shah who initiated the HSC stream courses, who also became the Principal of Polytechnic. Thereafter he ended his career as Prof. in Mechanical Engineering at Faculty of Tech. & Engg., M.S. University.

      He was followed by Shri G. M. Sheth, who had longest term as Head of Department for nearly 10 years & he too ended his term by being I/c Principal of the Polytechnic college.

      Other heads of department after Mr. G. M. Sheth were Shri M. D. Patel, Shri D. B. Parikh, Shri B. Z. Patel Shri V.S.Shah in that order.<
      Today department is headed by Shri  T.R. Mistry.
      The department is privileged to have had many prominent persons on board its academic faculty who later had left the department & have gone abroad.
      The existing faculty of Department also has many shining feathers in its cap.Today the infrastructure of the department is in process of encountering with the fast development to cope up with advanced technology. During last 3-4 years, lots of new facilities & equipments have been added to the department.

Head of Department

  • Bharat J Sheth
    Mechanical Engineering

    Designation: I/C Head Mechanical Engineering

    Qualification: M.E. (Mechanical) Gas Turbine and Jet propulsion
    Phone Nos: 8401939052
    Email: shethbharat-polymed@baroda.ac.in
    Experience: 28 years
    Areas of Interest: Thermal, Hydraulics,Power Plant Engineering