This Section is engaged in preparing Critical Eitions of Purana-texts. During 1951 to 1975, A Critical Edition of the great epic-Valmiki-  Ramayana was prepared and published in seven voluminously books, incorporating seven Kandas namely: Bala, Ayodhya, Aranya, Kishkindha, Sundara, Yuddha and Uttara,with the help of more than 25 assistants, working for 25 years, and with the financial assistance from U.G.C. The Bare Text containing only the constituted text of the Valmiki-Ramayana is also seperately published in one book. The Pada-Index of the Valmiki-Ramayana is published in three different volumes.

The project of the Critical Edition of the Vishnupurana was undertaken, after the successful completion of the project of the Critical Edition of the Valmiki-Ramayana. The UGC committee visited Oriental Institute and recommended that such work should be continued on a permanent basis since the Institute had trained personnel for such work of the preparation of the  critical editions. Therefore they agreed to share the expense of the further scheme on 2/3 basis and the remaining 1/3 portion was to be borne by the state government up to 31-3-1979. From 1-4-1979 the state government undertook permanent liability of the staff. The critical edition of the Vishnupurana is published in two volumes containing the constituted text, critical apparatus, index of verses, and introduction.

When the critical edition of the Vishnupurana was ready the project of preparing the critical edition of the Markandeyapurana has been undertaken. Its work is almost complete and D.T.P. Work and proof reading  for the same  are in progress. The Institute has also undertaken the major project of preparing the critical edition of the Vayupurana. The work of collecting manuscripts from different institutes and  libraries is in progress and collation of collected mss. is started. The institute also wishes to publish the critical edition of the Vahnipurana.

The work of the section is carried out by the following staff.
1. General Editor/Professor
2. Assistant editor/Lecturer
3. Critical Apparatus Writers-4
4. Proof Readers-2