Manuscript Section is the heart of the Institute and is housing 30,211 manuscripts as well as many antique objects. It ranks as one of the first class manuscripts libraries in India. This huge collection is possible due to the large hearted manuscript-donors who voluntarily donated their prized possessions of generations to keep in safe hands and for the scholars to work on them.

The collection carries vivid aspects of Ancient Indian intelligencia starting from Vedas,Upanisads, Dharmasastras, Smrtis, Nyaya, Samkhya, Yoga, Mimamsa,Vedanta, Darsana, Vyakarana, Itihasa,Gita, Purana, Mahatmya, Vrata, Bhakti, Stotra, Sahitya, Kamasastra, Sangita, Jyotisa, Silpa, Ayurveda, Tantra, Bauddha, Jain, Percian etc.

The manuscripts are written in various Indian scripts including Devanagari (mostly), Sarada, Grantha, Telugu, Malyalam, Oriya, Bengali and Persian, Arabic and Urdu also. The material is mostly paper and Palm-leaf. In later period, a good number of Xerox-copies of manuscripts were acquired from renouned manuscript-libraries. There is a good collection of illustrated manuscripts and different kinds of ancient writing materials, some of which are exhibited in the manuscript section. Institute has received hundreds of manuscripts as gift from various Pandits from Baroda and nearby places and the collection is still increasing by these donations of scholars.  We digitized copies of Manuscripts in C.D. form, on chargeable basis to the research scholars all over the world.. Ancient and modern preservation techniques are followed to save the Manuscripts from deterioration. Four volumes of Catalogue of Alphabetical List of Manuscripts of the Institute have been published and fifth volume is in progress.  All the manuscripts available in the Institute have been duly registered in the accession registers.  Scholars can also refer to Manuscripts in the premises. Manuscripts in all the different scripts  and also on different materials like Palm-leaf, Birch-bark, Paper etc. are well preserved in the Institute. These Manuscripts cover all the different subjects and Shastras not only in  Sanskrit language but also in  Prakrit, Gujarati, Marathi, Persian etc. More than 186 works have been published in the world renowned Gaekwad's Oriental Series based upon such ancient, important and rare manuscripts.
Total No. of  Manuscripts:               30,211
Paper manuscripts:                         27,124
Palm Leaf Mss :                               3,016
Birch-bark Mss:                                1
Metal:                                               4
Illustrated Mss:                                 127
Oldest dated Ms:                              1220  A.D.
Catalogues of Mss:                           1. Alphabetical List of the Mss in the O.I., Vol. I, 1942(1999 reprint), Price: Rs.420.
                                                         2. Ibid, Vol.II, 1950(1999 reprint) Rs.500.
                                                         3. Ibid, Vol.III, 1998, Rs. 670.
                                                         4. Ibid,Vol. IV,2008 ,Rs.515   


  • Dr. Sweta Prajapati
    Manuscript Section

    Designation: I/C Director

    Qualification: B.A.(Sanskrit/Hindi),MSU,1991 M.A.(Sanskrit), Alankarashastra,MSU ,1993 Ph.D., ...
    Phone Nos: 9898472669
    Email: sprajapati22@yahoo.com
    Experience: 22 years
    Areas of Interest: Alankarashastra,Nyayashastra, Manuscriptology