The Department of Archaeology and Ancient History was established in the early 1950s under the leadership of Dr. B. Subbarao. The aim of the Department is to make the study of Archaeology an inter-disciplinary subject. The Department, while focusing on its research in the western part of India, has achieved not only a regional but also a national stature. The departmental research emphasizes on various aspects of ancient culture, such as the development of sciences, technologies, palaeoenvironments and problems pertaining to the formation of early urban and rural centers of western India by incorporating different sources available for the reconstruction of the history of mankind.

The department carries out regular explorations and excavations as part of our teaching programme and also to acquire data pertaining to specific research problems. The department also has the system of holding temporary exhibitions in which the departments ongoing research work is displayed for public awareness. In the 1980s the Ford Foundation identified this department as one of the major centers in the country for research and development in Archaeology and Archaeological Sciences. Since April 2002 the Department has been accorded with DSA recognition by the UGC.

Apart from the mainstream courses in archaeology, the department offers a UGC vocational course on Travel and Tourism Management in the first and second year B.A. levels.

Head of Department

  • Dr. Alice Anugraham
    Department of French

    Designation: Associate Professor

    Qualification: Ph.D. in French
    Phone Nos: 919825977099
    Email: head-french@msubaroda.ac.in
    Experience: More than 30 years of teaching French
    Areas of Interest: French language and literature, Translation, Applied Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, ...