Department  of  Sindhi  was  established  in 1960.Sindhi  Department  offers  courses  in  Sindhi at Faculty of Arts B.A. Semester -1  as  Foundation-3, Allied- 1/2   IDE-01 and  Semester- 2   Allied-3/4 ,  &   IDE- 02 At the S.Y.B.A -  Semester-3   Sindhi is  offered  as Allied-5/6,  IDE-03/04 and  Semester -4  in  Allied-7/8 And  IDE-05/06.
   For  many  years there has been a  demand  from  students  for  offering  Sindhi  as  a  core  course  at   BA. Level. Since 1995, there  is  full  teacher  . The average  student  strength  has  increased  to about   300. It  also  has   a  small departmental  library. Its  thrust  area  is  development  of  sindhi  language  and  literature.  Especially in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra.    Department  of  sindhi  is  actively  engaged in  teaching work  in  their respective subjects.

  Sindhi was introduced in the Faculty of Arts in the year 1965. The subject was offered at FYBA as an additional subject and optional subject. At the SYBA level Sindhi is offered as Minor subject. For many years there is demand from students for Sindhi as a Major paper at B.A. level. Since 1995, there is a full time teacher. The average student strength has increased to about 35.

Head of Department

  • Prof. K. Krishnan
    Department of Sindhi

    Designation: I/c Head & Professor of Archaeology

    Qualification: B.Sc., M.A., Ph.D
    Phone Nos: 0265-2792436
    Experience: ---
    Areas of Interest: Archaeomaterials, Environmental Archaeology and Harappan Studies