Areas of Research:
The department of Botany is well known for their research contributions in the area of biodiversity, taxonomy, ecology and remote sensing. The department is also well established in plant anatomy and tissue culture research. The department also has moderate infrastructure facilities to conduct research in plant molecular biology and phytochemistry. At present faculty members are involved in following areas of plant research: Ecology; GIS and Ecophysiology; Taxonomy and Biodiversity; Plant Pathology and Fungal Systematics; Seed Anatomy; Ecotoxicology; Plant Anatomy and Ultrastructure; Molecular Genetics; Plant cell and Molecular Biology; Plant Tissue Culture and Fungal Biotechnology.
Research Laboratory
1.   Ecological Sciences
2.   Remote Sensing, GIS and Ecophysiology
3.   Plant Taxonomy and Biodiversity
4.   Plant Pathology and Fungal Systematics
5.   Seed Anatomy
6.   Ecotoxicology and Lower Plants
7.   Plant Anatomy and Ultrastructure
8.   Molecular Genetics and Phytochemistry
9.   Plant Cell and Molecular Biology
10. Plant Tissue Culture
 Research and other Facilities
1. Equipments: GC, HPLC, Trinocular Fluorescence Microscope, Gel doc system, Hand held Spectroradiometer, Sliding Microtome, Rotary Microtome, PCR Machines, Leaf Area Meter, Fluorescence Stereozoom Microscope, Spectrophotometer, Refrigerated Centrifuges, Plant growth Chambers etc. 
 2. Plant Tissue Culture facility
3. Green House Facility
4. Glass House Facility
5. BARO Herbarium ( Housing 45,000+ Plant species)
6. Arboretum cum Medicinal Plant Garden
7. Botanical Garden