Bachelor Of Engineering - Civil Engineering, Civil-Irri. Water Management(IWM), Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Metallurgical & Materials Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, Textile Engineering, Textile Technology,Textile Processing
  Bachelor Of Architecture (B.Arch.) - Subjects related to Architecture course
  Diploma in Textile Technology - Related to Textile Technology,Textile Manufacturing and basic Engineering related subjects (both theory and practicals)
  Diploma in Textile Chemistry - Related to Textile Chemistry,Textile Processing and basic Engineering Subjects( both theory and practicals)
  P.G.Diploma - Computer Applications (Regular)
  P.G.Diploma in Computer Applications (Part-time)
  Bachelor of Engineering (Civil)-PART TIME - Civil Engineering
  Bachelor Of Engineering (Mechanical)-PART TIME - Mechanical Engineering
  Bachelor Of Engineering (Electrical)-PART TIME - Electrical Engineering
  M.Sc. - Applied Chemistry (Regular) - APPLIED CHEMISTRY
  M.Sc. - Applied Physics (Regular) - APPLIED PHYSICS
  M.Sc. - Applied Mathematics/Industrial Mathematics (Regular)
  Master of Computer Application(MCA) - Subjects related to MCA course.
  M.E. - Metallurgical and Materials (Welding Technology) (Regular)
  M.E. - Fracture Mechanics, Geotechnical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Highway and Transportation Engineering, Hydraulic Structures, Irrigation & Water Management, Water Resources Engineering, Petrochemical Engineering, Polymer Technology, Automatic Control & Robotics, Electrical Power Engineering, Industrial Electronics, Microprocessor System & Application, Jet Propulsion & Gas Turbine, Production Engineering, Thermal Science, Materials Technology, Industrial Metallurgy, Man Made Textile, Textile Engineering, Textile Chemical Processing
  M.Sc.(Fin Maths) - Financial Mathematics (Regular) - M.Sc. Financial Mathematics
  M.Sc. - Materials Science (Nanotechnology) (Regular)
  Master of Urban & Regional Planning (MURP)-Regular
  Post Graduate Diploma in Corrosion Technology - Corrosion Science and Technology related
  P.G.Diploma in Analytical Techniques (Regular)
  P.G.Diploma in Polymer Science and Technology (Regular)
  P.G.Diploma - Solid State Electronics (Regular)
  POST BSC PRE-ELEC ENG - Pre-Electronics Engineering (Regular) -