University Press (Sadhana)

University Press (Sadhana):

The University Press works purely as a service department of the University since April, 1967

I. Staff :

The M S University Press has a staff structure of a well-equipped printing press.

  • Press Manager: 1
  • Deputy Press Manager: 2
  • Senior Clerk: 1
  • Clerks: 2
  • Copy Holder: 1
  • Technical staff including D.T.P. Operators and Paster Cum-Artist: 5
  • Workers 23
  • Class IV staff 3



The press has machinery worth Rs. 82,07,764.48 including two heavy duty Photocopier machines including DTP System.


  • The University Press undertakes printing of question papers, under conditions of very high level of secrecy, for the University Examination.
  • Main Answer Book of the University Examinations and Test Answer Books of different Faculties and Institutions are also printed by the press.
  • The Press also prints Senate Proceedings, Minutes of the Syndicate Meetings, details of Establishment, Annual Accounts, Budget Estimates, Questionnaires, Magazines, Pamphlets, Certificates, General Forms, Prospectors, Admission f orms, Examination f orms, Letter heads, Receipt Books, and different kinds of job works of the different Faculties and Institutions of the University.
  • In addition, the press also prints University Diary, University Calendar and other publications of different faculties and departments and WSRC News letter.


The following is the list of books recently printed by the Press:


Name of Books



Art of Medieval India Aesthetics

Department of Art, History & Faculty of Fine Arts



Faculty of Home Science


Studies in Museology

Faculty of Fine Arts


Globalization of Gujarat

Faculty of Arts


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University Press(Sadhana)
University Press(Sadhana)